Azul Series


Plan B Games and Next Move Games presents this beautiful, aesthetic looking game, which is perfect if you have an eye for both design and strategy. All three games in the series, Azul, Azul Sintra & Azul Summer pavilion work on similar tile drafting strategies with some differences in tile laying & scoring. Players have their own canvas to work on, whether it is the tile layer mat from the base game, the stained glass panels from Azul Sintra or a Pavilion design in the latest from the series. Get these to add to your “Most Beautiful Games” collection.


Taking inspiration from the Portuguese tiles, Azulejos, the base game is an intricately designed fun game puts you in charge of your own little floor design that you can fill over several rounds while keeping an eye on what your opponents are doing.

With limited tiles and each player vying for the same ones, it takes an enterprising mind to switch strategies when required. The perfect gateway game and palate cleanser for when you want to play something a little light in between heavy Euros.

Azul, Stained Glass of Sintra

If you’ve enjoyed your time as the supreme tile-layer/interior designer in Portugal for floors with Azul, swap the tiles for glass panes and up you go as Chief Glass Artisan.

Congratulations, you’ve graduated to designing windows as an artisan in Azul, the Stained glass of Sintra!

Played over a fixed number of rounds, the unpredictability of scoring & keeping track of multiple angles while decorating the Palace with the most stylish windows, you’ll be kept in constant suspense as the winner emerges. The main difference between Azul and Azul Sintra is the use of double-sided detachable panels for the Stained Glass windows that makes the patterns unique and unpredictable. Working as a stand-alone game, it has a ramped up replayability and randomness that will have you reaching for this one again and again.

Azul Summer Pavilion

Returning to the splendor of Portugal, let’s travel back in time to the 16 th century, this time to use the finest material available to create the best, most splendid Summer Pavilion to honour the Portuguese royal family members without wasting precious supplies.

In an interesting twist to this version, and one of the main differences between Azul & Azul Summer Pavilion, collecting sets and building patterns have additional rewards so building statues, pillars & windows would gain your extra points. Being reckless with tiles incurs the wrath of the Royals that reflects in your score.

The third in the series, Azul: Summer Pavilion, like Azul Sintra lasts six rounds, and in each round, players first draft all the tiles, then place them on their individual player board to score points which is yet another main difference between Azul & Azul summer pavilion. An intriguing element in the gameplay is wild tiles, each of the six colours of tiles is wild during one of the rounds and this changes the drafting rules and your strategy, whenever it comes into play!

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