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Mechanically Inclined

We can talk for hours about how every board game is unique, but almost all of them employ forms of interaction common to game design. Mechanics are the engine of the game, with theme and art being the shiny exterior. Some designers of euro games focus only on one mechanic while others infuse elements of numerous mechanics. Understanding the inner workings of your favorite games may allow for a deeper enjoyment of them and help uncover new strategies. Realizing your favorite mechanics also leads to discovering more great games!

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Gateway to Game Night

Successfully inviting new players to the table is one of the greatest joys of the board gaming hobby. Everyone knows that sharing is caring, and games are more fun with friends. But, too often the games we choose are so intimidating that they send casual newcomers running, never to be seen again. Our goal as gamers is to grow the community and certain games are preferable for achieving this. Instead of starting off with epic 6-hour adventures that are heavier than the table itself, try warming up with some of the best gateway games available here at Bored Game Company.

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MeepleCon 2018

It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ll be at MeepleCon 2018. MeepleCon is India’s first and largest Boardgame Convention and it will be hosting more than 100 different board games, card games, and other styles of games that people gather to play – strategy games, party games, word games, role-playing games, social deduction games, fantasy and sci-fi themes games, economic games, war games, team building and negotiation games and many more.

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