Yudhbhoomi: The Ultimate Game Set


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YUDHBHOOMI ULTIMATE GAME SET will engage kids, kidults, parents and even grand parents for hours!

Buy the YUDHBHOOMI ULTIMATE GAME SET and challenge your friend’s or families’ army on the battlefield. Like most wars in history, the outcome is unpredictable until the last soldier is still standing!

The detailed warrior figures give the game a cinematic feel.

It’s a game purely based on chance which makes it an even more edge-of-the-seat kind of experience.

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How to Play:

  1. Each player sets up warriors in a formation of their choice.
  2. Each player takes a turn to roll the custom Yudhbhoomi dice that decides the outcome of their attack
  3. The outcome of the war can change based on the game cards which a player picks up when a Yudhbhoomi’s warrior scar-face is rolled. This is when the game gets even more exciting.

Tip: You can play with a bigger army too, expand your army with extra warrior sets.

Product Features

This game helps children to learn how wars were won and lost in our Indian history. It also prepares them to face defeat. It’s very effective in teaching children basic mathematics too.

The Yudhbhoomi War Toys are one of a kind. They are all trademarked designs. ancient indian warriors war toys
Indian Warrior Figures with detailed sculpts. The weapons, poses, armour, have all been carefully designed to make it as realistic as possible.
The Yudhbhoomi Game is designed and developed to engage any age group for hours. Ancient Indian War toys Warriors Miniatures

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