Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – Escalation

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress – Escalation


“Escalation Is The Thrilling Next Chapter In The Story Of Blackstone Fortress, Pitting You Against A Threat Not Just To Precipice, But To The Imperium Itself. In This Latest Expansion, Obsidius Mallex Has Gained Control Of A Portion Of The Alien Space Station’s Apocalyptic Power, And Now Threatens To Bring It To Bear Against His Foes. Before, You Were Battling For Treasure – Now, You’re Fighting For Survival.”

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Like the Dreaded Ambull before it, Escalation offers a new quest for Blackstone Fortress. However, the quest for the sinister Black Shrines offers new twists on the core gameplay of Warhammer Quest and promises to be a challenge for even the most seasoned pack of adventurers.
You won’t be going in alone, however. Escalation brings four new Explorers to the game (and one very loyal Servitor!), offering you new options for your adventures and allowing you to own some iconic characters in plastic, like an Adeptus Ministorum Crusader and Primaris Psyker. Escalation will be the first time fans outside of the USA and Germany can get their hands on these models (if you’re in the USA or Germany, you’ll also be able to track them down in the Combat Arena game).
It’s not just the good guys getting some reinforcements, but the Servants of the Abyss, with a brand new set of cultists, led by a literal Firebrand. These guys feature a more occult and barbarous aesthetic than their Traitor Guard brethren from the main set, helping shed some light on the dizzying diversity of the Slaves to Darkness.

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