Tip Tap

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Buy Tip Tap and other amazing board games in India only at Bored Game Company. Tip Tap board game is a great 3 to 6 player game for ages 7 and above.

In TohuWabohu, a.k.a. Tip Tap, players must race to finger the right items on the table — but winning an item isn’t good enough as you need to protect it from being stolen while still hunting for more.

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In more detail, you set up the game by placing all of the multi-colored and strangely shaped cardboard bits on the table. Each round, one player is the director and takes charge of flipping over a card that depicts one or more of these bits. Everyone races to place a finger on the depicted items first, and once you’ve placed a finger on an item, you can’t move it again. Once all the depicted items are found (assuming they were correctly figured), the fingerers place those items in front of themselves, then the director flips another card. If a card shows an item previously claimed, the owner of that item must secure it with a finger; if they don’t, any opponent who touches it first will steal it away.
If a player has seven or eight bits in front of them, then the round ends and everyone scores one point for each item that they collected. After playing as many rounds as the number of players, the game ends and whoever has scored the most points wins.

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