The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game โ€“ Foundations of Stone


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Having set out from Rivendell to discover the root of the Orcs’ increased activity, the heroes wander deep into the mines of Moria. Hazards slow their movement and threaten their health, and Orcs confront them at every turn, but with little sign of true organization. Still, as the heroes track the Orcs back toward larger encampments, their search leads them deeper and deeper, down into Moria’s Foundations of Stone.

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Foundations of Stone is the fifth Adventure Pack in the “Dwarrowdelf” cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Its sixty cards introduce a new hero, three copies of each player card, and an all-new scenario that traps your heroes in treacherous underground currents that wash them into a dark and dangerous realm where the nameless things lair!
Note: A copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game core set and the Khazad-dรปm expansion are required to play the scenario included in this Adventure Pack.

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Adam Schumpert, Allison Theus, Anna Steinbauer, Anthony Palumbo, Carolina Eade, Cristi Balanescu, David Chen, David Lecossu, Eric Braddock, Ilich Henriquez, Lin Bo, Magali Villeneuve, Marco Caradonna, Rafaล‚ Hrynkiewicz, Sandara Tang Sin Yun, Sara Biddle, Steve Mabee, Timo Karhula, Trudi Castle




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