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Quest is a highly rated quick & light 4 to 10 player game for ages 14 and above that takes around 30 minutes to play.

In Quest, all will show their true colors as Good and Evil struggle for the future of civilization. Hidden amongst King Arthur’s loyal servants are Mordred’s unscrupulous minions. These forces of Evil are few in number, but if they go unknown, they can sabotage Arthur’s great quests.

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Players are secretly dealt roles that determine if their allegiance is to Good or to Evil. Then, players debate, reason, and lie as they decide who to send on Quests—knowing that if just one minion of Mordred joins, the Quest could fail. Quest includes 25 different characters and many different ways to play the base game.
Quest also includes the Director’s Cut, a personal recommendation from the designer about the preferred way to play Quest.
Errata:Page 7 of the rulebook should say:
Three successful Quests—Good wins! The game is over.
Note: When using the optionalBlind Hunter, the Blind Hunter revealsthemself and a Hunt occurs (see page8). There is no discussion, nor Good’s LastChance.
While the Blind Hunter is listed as optional, that role should always be included when including any named Good roles to provide a penalty for claiming. This ( is a PDF of page 7 if you’d like to see how that fits into context, or want to print and include in your box.

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