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Outfoxed! is an amazing quick & light 2 player game, for ages 7 and above that takes around 20 minutes to play.

Not to be confused with: Outfoxed!(2014)


How to play Outfoxed!? Find the rules for Outfoxed! here 📖.

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Outfoxed! is a fast, fun, quirky card game in which you play as either the foxes, or the elusive birds, in a super epic showdown for survival.
How To Play
Separate all cards into 3 different color decks. Give the blue to one player, the orange the other. Shuffle the black deck and set it face-down.
To start, the blue player places 25 bird cards face-up on the playing surface, in any design within an 8×8 grid. This is the “Flock” in which all cards must stay connected (share a side) at all times.
The orange player has first turn, and may play 1 fox on top of any bird to eat it, and remove it from play. Next, players take turns drawing 1 card from the black deck, which identifies the number of moves a player may make during a turn. Foxes may only move by pouncing on a bird and taking its place. Birds can fly, and therefore may move to an open place on the invisible 8×8 grid. If a “Plus” card is drawn by the orange player, he or she adds a fox to the game. If drawn by the blue player, he or she adds 3 more birds. During play no move may be taken that separates even one bird from the flock.
The orange player wins by eating all birds. The blue player wins by surrounding the fox(es) with 8 birds (on all 4 sides and 4 corners).

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