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From the Publisher: It is your Innings. Make the most runs and take your opponents’ wickets. You have 4 wickets and 5 overs in which to get the highest score.

Description: A fun game for both cricket lovers and newbies, this pocket size card game plays quickly over 5 overs with all the rules of modern cricket such as DRS, LBW, Run-Out, Leg-Bye, Overthrow. Players need to play close attention and respond to their opponent’s plays while gaining the most runs before they lose all their wickets.


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My Cricket Score is the card version of the modern cricket game. It is a 5 over game with the 1st & 5th overs being Power-play overs. You have 4 wickets in hand to make the highest score. This game packs a punch with all the rules of modern cricket like DRS, LBW, Run-Out, Bye, Overthrow, Retiring etc. Players need utmost attention and concentration as if they are playing on the cricket field.

My Cricket Score is the first-ever card game where your grandmother can run you out, you can LBW you mother, your father can use DRS to save his wicket… Overall it a family entertainment cricket game.

The game is a 2-4 player cricket game for Age 8+. Game contains 170 cards of Power Play, Non-Power Play & Super Powers.

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