Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico – The Card Game


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Relive the majestic Renaissance period in Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo Il Magnifico – The Card Game.

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Masters of the Renaissance is a new engine building game that recreates the atmosphere of Lorenzo il Magnifico with simple rules and a limited duration.
On your turn, you draw a Development card, take resources from the market or activate Development cards on your board. Each Development card allows you to transform resources by moving them from your limited depots to the unlimited bank space; in this way you will be able to accumulate many resources to purchase the most powerful cards.
As in Lorenzo il Magnifico, you will have to follow the requests of your leaders to gain access to their powers.
The game uses an engine building mechanism, with which players will develop their properties to increase their faith and military power to generate victory points.

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Klemens Franz, Roberto Grasso





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