Le Boomb!

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Le Boomb! is an awesome quick & light 2 to 16 player game for ages 6 and above that plays in about 15 minutes.

A single die game/activity akin to LCR or Dreidel. Roll the die: the Boomb either stays put, changes owners, or explodes. Last person in wins.


Fun, Silly, easy to learn and loads of fun!
Le Boomb is a casual, social game for 2-16+ players ages 6 and older. You can play in about 5-15 minutes. Here’s all you need for a portable game party: 1 custom die that tucks into your special “boomb”!
Le Boomb!, a quick brilliant silly little game based entirely on luck, that turns any gathering into a party! A simple portable party game–fast, frantic and loads of fun, which capitalizes on players desire to survive.
Each copy of Le Boomb contains:
. 1 die
. 1 bomb (for play and for die storage)

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