Dobbers: Quest for the Key


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Dobbers: Quest for the Key is a whimsical, family friendly board game for 2-4 players. It is a deck building, encounter building, strategy board game.

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Create surprise encounters for your opponent while building your deck and equipping your hero.

The mechanics are simple enough for most children to enjoy, while having strategies that are complex enough that even the most seasoned gamer will feel engaged.
It usually takes an hour or less to play. It will take longer while you learn card details and how they may effect your strategy.
It has a high fantasy theme, with comic-book style, bold illustrations.
The objective is to move your hero along your chosen path to the final space on the board, represented by โ€œthe Keyโ€. The first player to reach the key with their hero wins!

There are two strategies essential to winning the game:
First, placing challenging encounters on the board, preventing other players and their heroes from being able to advance along their chosen path. Second, equipping your hero and building up your personal deck so that you can more easily overcome any encounters that have been placed along your path. Player will have to do both well if they expect to reach the key first and win the game!

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