Chariots of Chandragupta

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Buy Chariots of Chandragupta: Race like the Royals and other popular board games in India only at Bored Game Company. Chariots of Chandragupta: Race like the Royals board game is a highly rated 2 to 4 player game for ages 5 and above.


The Royal Mauryan empire taught its children to raise and care for horses as their own, rear them as allies in the battlefield and beyond.

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Citizens from far and wide would come to watch competent charioteers race through the forests and the ravines, the rivers and the marshes at the most celebrated chariot races.
The charioteers marked territory and showed immense skill – no obstacle too hard, no weather too dangerous.
And thus was born a legacy – the races of the โ€˜Chariots of Chandraguptaโ€™.
Chariots of Chandragupta is another exciting game from the makers of Yudhbhoomi.
Get ready to race like the royals!
Build a track, choose your charioteer, load your Chariot with resources and spin the arrow. You have 2 actions in your turn: use your resource tokens and spin the arrow (in any order).
You can move fast, earn resources, buy resources and earn some special benefits too. The battle to be first can be influenced/hindered further when you get the ‘Karma’ cards. Also, watch out for obstacles! Get a lead, lay additional obstacles and be the first charioteer to make it back to the palace to win the race!

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