Bustle – Think it! Draw it! Act it!


Want to play a game of drawing and acting out clues, to make your team guess a word? What if the word is not given and you have to think of a word first, before drawing or enacting it?
Lets BUSTLE!!!
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Quick, think of a 5 letter word starting with โ€˜Bโ€™. Got it? Good going! Now all you have to do is make your team guess that word correctly to score a point. You could either enact a beard or draw a brush, whatever you do remember that the team with the higher score wins.
Greedy for more points?
Use the โ€˜crank it up a notchโ€™ cards to increase not just the points, but also the fun. So put on your thinking cap, awaken the artist within and get your team Bustling with guesses.


400 ‘Bustle’ cards
60 ‘Crank it up a notch’ cards
3 note pads
1 score pad
1 rule book
2 pencils

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