Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament


Buy Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament and other great board games in India only at Bored Game Company. A fun 4 player game, the Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament board game is suitable for ages 10 and above.

Adventure Time Card Wars: Doubles Tournament takes the familiar format of Adventure Time Card Wars and doubles up on everything as players compete against one another in teams of two. Play as Jake (Cornfield/NiceLands) and Charlie (Blue Plains/NiceLands) vs. Grand Prix (SandyLands/IcyLands) and Moniker (Useless Swamps/IcyLands) with new cards that excel in a team environment, although you can also swap these cards into other Adventure Time Card Wars titles.

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In this game, each player has their own deck and sits across from their partner between two opponents. Two of your landscapes point left, the other two right. Each team has 40 hit points, and to win you need to bring the opponents down to zero. Gameplay is identical to the 1v1 version of Adventure Time Card Wars, but now you need to guard against attack from two opponents while trying to help out your partner when needed.
One special addition to this set is Teamwork cards, which don’t occupy a lane. Each player can control one, and these cards give you and your partner a benefit turn after turn…if you play your cards right.

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