A Feast for Odin: Mini Expansion #2

A Feast for Odin: Mini Expansion #2

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New 1×1 tile: berries (orange), eggs (red), amber (green), goldgubber (blue)

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New B-island: Isle of Mull (1v, 4 income, 9vp, salted meat, ore, wood, goldgubber, egg and stone + once an altar (6 spaces, 1×4+1×2 middled, not buyable, not smithable and not plunderable – simply reserved to Isle of Mull)
(Half-) Island on Backside: Caithness (3v, 5 income, 24vp, fur, amber, stone, sword)
8 new harvest token for randomized harvests (one round forward known): 4x no harvest, 1, 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4.
10 new resource markers as an extra harvest-income with different front and backside – depending on having harvest or no harvest. You choose one in a seven round game or two in six round game.
Stuff-boost-rules for a greater, more exciting six round game (more equal to the seven round game): You start with a chosen artisan shed + …
the rules include 8 banned occupation cards and 30 cards, we recommend to remove too for having a better average of more useful, not such specialized interesting cards.

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