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Year in Review – Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out Part 1.

This is Part 2, in our series of digging into our data. It took us some time to put this together. The current situation gave us an opportunity to spend time putting this together. In this post, we dive deeper into games sold and their publishers, and the timeframe being used for all the analysis, is April ’19 to March ’20.

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Aesthetics, appeal & artwork, 7 board games that will make you drool

If you’re a board game enthusiast (let’s be honest and call you a fanatic), you’re not just obsessed with playing games but also owning them. You know the most popular and prolific board game designers and you know who has done the artwork for your favorite games. And every time a new game goes into production you’re in an agony of indecision. After poring over the artwork and all the game components, it is no longer about whether you want to pre-order the game but IF you should also buy the expansion and the extras while you’re at it. Players and collectors are not looking only at game replayability or mechanism, they are also keen to get good value for their money and look at the quality of game components, card stock, board design and artwork. 

There is a very specific joy to be had in holding (and playing) a board game that isn’t just a masterpiece of strategic wonder, but is also literally a joy to behold, because it’s just that beautiful. An aesthetically designed board game is especially hard to resist and once you’re THAT collector, who likes to combine utility with beauty, the list of games you must have increased exponentially. A board game designer definitely gets their due with their name splashed on the cover of games, but special mention is also made to the artists who spend time bringing the games to life with their beautiful creations.

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Covid Diaries #1

Loved Co-Ops? Well, we’re all playing one now…

Hey Folks!

First off, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe at home and doing well during these unprecedented times. What is it now, week 109,242? Well, we feel it as much as you do.

It’s been a while since we reached out, and, given that the light at the end of the tunnel is not yet in sight (we’ll get there though, hang in there!), we thought we’d reach out to say hi and check in on you. We’ve missed your regular emails, chats, and countless Whatsapp messages!

By God’s grace, we at BGC are well too. We’ve been able to work from home and remain indoors, and hence consider ourselves privileged. As for operations, since we’re based out of Pune, which is now a “hot zone”, we are not able to dispatch any orders, and don’t have an ETA on when we will be able to do so.

If you have an order that is pending dispatch and would like to cancel, please send us an email, and we will refund the order. If you had a pre-order that was estimated to be delivered in April or May, those are delayed too, with no current ETA. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we have an update on either of these. Though, if you can wait, we’d appreciate if you don’t cancel, it helps support us and keep us operational.

We’re still accepting orders on our website though, with shipments going out as soon as the lockdown in Maharashtra lifts. Given the impact this virus has had, we’re committing to contributing 5% of our online sales for the month of April and May to Covid-19 related NGOs. We’re still working out the logistics of this, more updates to follow.

Just because we’re locked down though, doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. This situation has given us the opportunity to work on quite a few projects that we had in the pipeline, that we hope to share with you soon.

Finally, we sincerely hope we can get to the other side of this as soon and as safely as we can. Like Moiz likes to say, whether you like’em or not, we’re all kinda playing Pandemic the Co-Op. Stay indoors (if you can), stay safe!

– Team BGC

P.S. Just because you can’t meet your board gaming buds, doesn’t mean you can’t game. We’ve put together a list of board games you can play online. Check them out!

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5 amazing board games like carrom for your next family game night!

If there is one ‘board’ game India can boast of, it’s Carrom. A tabletop game with a sturdy wooden board as its centerpiece, this cue based game has been a popular family game and household name in India, apart from the ubiquitous Ludo.

The accessibility of the game and the easy rules have made carrom extremely popular in India. All you need is the board, pucks, a dash of talcum powder to make the pucks fly and an abundance of house rules that makes the game different for each individual.

There have been battles fought for the pink queen and many fouls with the striker landing in the nets; everyone will have a story about this dexterity game. 

When your nails hurt from hitting the striker too often and not landing the queen often enough, there are some other dexterity games you can explore which are challenging but not hard and have a range that will suit the youngest member from the family, to the oldest.

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Online Board Games for the Socially Isolated Soul

Bring life to the mundane lock down days with this curated collection of board games that you can play online or on the iOS or Android apps. From ancient civilizations, to evolving species, to inhabiting other planets – our list has something for everyone. Dive right in, and see what we have in store for you.

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Game night at the office?

You’ve raised the subject with a few office colleagues; you’ve found some kindred spirits; someone overheard you and was intrigued. It’s time to GEAR UP for the office board game night. The great thing about games is that they are always better with more people. Playing board games, is a great way to get to know your co-workers better, plus, it’s a great excuse to play more games.

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Mechanically Inclined

We can talk for hours about how every board game is unique, but almost all of them employ forms of interaction common to game design. Mechanics are the engine of the game, with theme and art being the shiny exterior. Some designers of euro games focus only on one mechanic while others infuse elements of numerous mechanics. Understanding the inner workings of your favorite games may allow for a deeper enjoyment of them and help uncover new strategies. Realizing your favorite mechanics also leads to discovering more great games!

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Gateway to Game Night

Successfully inviting new players to the table is one of the greatest joys of the board gaming hobby. Everyone knows that sharing is caring, and games are more fun with friends. But, too often the games we choose are so intimidating that they send casual newcomers running, never to be seen again. Our goal as gamers is to grow the community and certain games are preferable for achieving this. Instead of starting off with epic 6-hour adventures that are heavier than the table itself, try warming up with some of the best gateway games available here at Bored Game Company.

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MeepleCon 2018

It’s our pleasure to announce that we’ll be at MeepleCon 2018. MeepleCon is India’s first and largest Boardgame Convention and it will be hosting more than 100 different board games, card games, and other styles of games that people gather to play – strategy games, party games, word games, role-playing games, social deduction games, fantasy and sci-fi themes games, economic games, war games, team building and negotiation games and many more.

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