Ideas *R Us

Ideas *R Us is a Think Tank founded by Avinash Singh, Nirmal George and Amitha Singh. They explore new ideas across categories and bring them to life. Each founder comes with over two decades of experience across design, sales and marketing. Ideas R Us is currently developing ideas around card and board games, backpacker tourism, creative books and food.
The idea behind the games being developed is to,

  • Bring games from the past which we grew up on back into the living room,
  • Connect children with their parents/adults as they enjoy good times at home;
  • Do this with contemporary changes and adapted to board and card formats, keeping in mind the changing times.

The first idea, a new card game, ODD ‘R EVE, was launched in late 2016.

Their second game Chor Police, a board and card game for children and adults; has successfully been crowdfunded and is now available at the Bored Game Company.

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